The freeware version has been updated with new music and a slight title change. The license for some of the music expired, and renegotiating it would have cost more money than the game could generate. If you’ve purchased the game you still have access to the old music by downloading version 1.3. The music and title are the only differences so you’re not missing out on anything. If you’ve purchased the game, but can’t find your key, use the keygen on the contact page.


MMM passed 100,000 downloads this week.


Version 1.3 is up in the files section. This is more of a preview version as it includes lots of new features that I haven't documented yet. But it is more stable in multiplayer and should get even higher frame rates.


There is a contest in the forum to win a free unlock key for all of you out there without $17.

2/17/2006 It's been a while since I updated the news, two big things:

First, MMM won several awards from GameTunnel including #5 independent game of 2005, and game of the year for sound.

Second, Multiplayer has been officially for a while and there is a new version coming soon that will improve multiplayer over bad connections.

9/14/2005 version 3 of the multiplayer beta is out. It supports bots, as well as fixing a few bugs. It is not compatible with previous versions.

9/9/2005 MULTIPLAYER is in open BETA. Check it out in the files area.

6/16/2005 I'll be out of town from the 17th - 20th. So support won't be available during that time.

6/15/2005 THE GAME IS OUT. Enjoy. Next week I start telling people about it.

6/7/2005 Well the demo didn't come out in May, but it along with a final release is due out in within the week. All but one of the cutscenes are in and I just need to give the game a few run throughs before I release it.

4/13/2005 Updated the website to use various swear words. Also updated the screen shots.

4/10/2005 Coming soon. Hopefully there will be a public demo in May.