MMM passed 100,000 downloads this week.


Version 1.3 is up in the files section. This is more of a preview version as it includes lots of new features that I haven't documented yet. But it is more stable in multiplayer and should get even higher frame rates.


There is a contest in the forum to win a free unlock key for all of you out there without $17.

2/17/2006 It's been a while since I updated the news, two big things:

First, MMM won several awards from GameTunnel including #5 independent game of 2005, and game of the year for sound.

Second, Multiplayer has been officially for a while and there is a new version coming soon that will improve multiplayer over bad connections.

9/14/2005 version 3 of the multiplayer beta is out. It supports bots, as well as fixing a few bugs. It is not compatible with previous versions.

9/9/2005 MULTIPLAYER is in open BETA. Check it out in the files area.

6/16/2005 I'll be out of town from the 17th - 20th. So support won't be available during that time.

6/15/2005 THE GAME IS OUT. Enjoy. Next week I start telling people about it.

6/7/2005 Well the demo didn't come out in May, but it along with a final release is due out in within the week. All but one of the cutscenes are in and I just need to give the game a few run throughs before I release it.

4/13/2005 Updated the website to use various swear words. Also updated the screen shots.

4/10/2005 Coming soon. Hopefully there will be a public demo in May.