The Red Texas Four, from left to right: Whistler, Priest, La Toro, and Tito.

This is you; you smoke and wear shirts with cobras on them. You are bad ass.
Santos is your brother, he is a really nice guy and a local legend in law enforcement, at least he was until Priest murdered him.

Jebediah Priest. It's not really known if that's his name or he's an actual priest. Nobody is volunteering to ask. He's a crazy som' bitch anyway. He murdered your brother. He's gonna wish he had died in prison.

Whistler is Priest's right hand man. He gets his name from the way he controls his falcon. He's been teaching it to eat babies.

Tito likes to drive big trucks, wear big hats, and shoot big guns.

La Toro is an ex-bullfighter gone down hill. Once he was renowned for his bullfighting. Now he's just renowned for his brutality. He's into alternative music and comics.

You're not really sure what her name is. She works at the old "Tally-Ho!" gas station the four have converted into their garage.